Discover the Falsum, a simple, powerful symbol with deep meaning.

Discover the Falsum

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The Falsum in the Wild 

Keeping Our Strength

The Falsum, Uptack, or Eet is a symbol used in branches of mathematics and logic.





I think we should use it to show our rejection of the hate and fraud of the Far-Right and their figurehead, as well as a symbol to unite us against that selfish philosophy that characterizes their policy.

= T




Make your Own 

I have donated many of my designs to the public domain. You can find them, along with a lot of information on ways you can use the Falsum at my Resist Style Guide

You can also print, draw, paint, tape, scratch, gesture, mosaic, or sculpt the Falsum super easy - it’s just an upside-down T. A roll of tape is perfect for temporary, non-damaging (depending on the tape!) installations. Signs are simple, and shirts are easy. Remember, you can always download my free designs and have stickers, signs, buttons and more printed at a local printer.

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All I’m doing right now is bringing the Falsum and the idea behind it - that of strength through speaking together - to those who need it. Please support my work by buying my designs. I have basic stickers and buttons, of course, but I also offer premium lapel pins and hand-made jewelry items too. You can even get T-shirts through Amazon with Prime Shipping! If you found my designs in a local shop, please keep supporting them too. Be sure to sign up for my announcement list to be notified of new projects and releases. (And maybe the occasional discount!)

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The Falsum in the Wild

I’m collecting photos of the Falsum. See the gallery. If you’d like to submit, email me at and let me know if I can share them publicly. (I’ll always blur license plates and other identifiable information first.)

Keeping Our Strength 

This is a long fight and it’s not going to be over next month, next year, or even with our next president. It is essential that we find ways to keep our strength up during these long days of protest and activism. We can’t all go to every event, and it’s especially important to make sure we don’t. Sprinters generally don’t win marathons!

Part of using the Falsum is, for me, about building and maintaining strength. The act of putting one on every morning gives me strength. Seeing others wearing one gives me strength. Others seeing one on me gives them strength. It’s about knowing we aren’t alone in this fight. Together, we are strong.


Please be sure to sign up for my announcement list to be notified of new projects and releases. (And maybe the occasional discount!)