The Falsum "⊥" is a symbol used in mathematics to mean "Unconditionally false" and "Contradiction." Wiktionary defines it to represent "An arbitrary contradiction" and "An untruth, falsehood, fraud, deceit, lie; forgery." 

NEW! I've developed a style guide for using the falsum to oppose Trump and the Far Right. It has many more free images than you'll find here along with suggestions on how to use the falsum to keep the message effective and clear.

See the style guide here!

Together with the fact that the upside-down T directly and obviously references Trump with a counter/opposition inference, I think the falsum is perfect for us to unite around as we fight the hatred, fear and shortsightedness of Trump.

Based on my original concept and designs, I have given this to the public domain for all to use. Feel free to use these as you see fit to show your opposition to the policies and ethics of Donald Trump and the Far-Right everywhere. 

You can find some stickers, pins, magnets, and jewelry based on this design in my Etsy shop. High-quality lapel pins are also on the way.

To handle the many requests for other items, I've set up a Society6 shop for t-shirts, mugs, banners, etc: - Or make your own! You can make a great looking falsum with just a roll of tape!

My almost-neighbors at Big Red Frame are also independently offering some great items including stickers, "⊥-shirts", and charms. Please check them out!

I am thrilled to see others using this symbol! It makes too much sense for many of us not to have come up with the same idea. Unity!

By the way, the “Up Tack” character (⊥) is U+22A5 and the similar “Perpendicular” character (⟂) is U+27C2. The "Up Tack" seems to have better font support, but YMMV.

Feel free to remake these and spread the image and underlying concept far and wide - but please also do more. Act! Do! Give! With work and vigilance, we will have a country (and world!) that works for everyone someday!

If you use this or see it, I'd love to collect photos. Please share at! (Let me know if they may be shared publicly)

Resist Sticker(SVG) For 3"x9" but easily modified for other aspects

Resist Button(SVG)

Resist Explainer Single card PNG

10-up RESIST T Explainer - print and cut business-card size handouts. (These should be OK for office-store perforated business card stock, but I haven't tested - feedback welcome. There are faint trim-lines for manual cutting.) Please consider using the backside for your own positive message of resistance!

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